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Your answer to why you should choose Laravel framework for development.

By Sandip Modi on 09 Oct, 2017

Regarded as one of the most popular PHP frameworks, Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework. Laravel is a stand-out amongst the most advanced and well-known PHP frameworks and why not. It is simple, powerful and massively influential. It boasts of a good directory structure, that is straightforward, well organized and defined. Laravel development company is most suitable for Enterprise App development. Powering 20 million web domains, laravel is undoubtedly the most popular PHP language.

Why laravel?

Laravel recently upgraded to 5.0.1 framework and it has a variety of features useful for Enterprise Application development. Its advanced query syntax makes web development very simple.

Laravel’s inbuilt lightweight templates are innovatively designed. In addition to this, Laravel has multiple widgets incorporating CSS and JS code and templates that create a simple layout.

The MVC architecture support of laravel ensures clarity of logic and presentation. This MVC pattern allows better documentation, performance improvements, and multiple built-in functions. It is responsible for giving programmers a clean and readable code.

Security of application is one of the major concerns in web application development. Every programmer must know a way or two for making it’s application secure. But with a laravel development company, security is never a concern. Laravel framework comes with a built-in security. So it takes care of the security concerns of a web application.

Laravel takes an easy-to-use and incredibly simple approach to routing. It automatically creates a directory to match any desired URI. Use the route’s name while creating link and laravel will insert the correct URI. Laravel facilitates unit testing which makes it the favorite among web developers. Laravel is considered to have one of the most stable releases and it is cautious of the known failures. It is known to make easy to write unit-tests for own code.

Laravel takes the pain out of development by making common tasks such as routing, authentication, caching and sessions, easy.

With all these features and more, laravel is promising and holds a bright future, giving most classy and clean web applications.

Advantages of laravel development for your company.

A laravel development company helps you with the development of web applications using the laravel framework. But you would pause and think, what benefits would laravel have for your business?

Laravel has a modular packaging system which enables easy addition of features to applications.

The set-up and customization process with a laravel framework is incredibly easy. Also with new technologies, laravel offers easy upgradation. Laravel comes with a lot of inbuilt features like dependency injection containers, a well-built code, service layers and template engines which accelerates the time needed for development of a web application.

We are a leading laravel development company offering web development services in laravel framework. If you would like to hire laravel developers for your web applications, feel free to get in touch. We are always at your disposal.

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