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What future does photo sharing apps hold in regard to the rising number of users on Instagram?

By Sandip Modi on 03 Oct, 2017

Instagram’s growth has skyrocketed in recent times and how! These are not based on mere assumptions but statistics showing the rise in the number of Instagram users. Instagram, in April, announced a whopping 700 million active users milestone and since then the users have grown exponentially by 600 million more in past 4 months. At an event in NYC, the company revealed that it has managed to engage 800 million monthly users with over 500 million daily active users.

The huge popularity of this photo-sharing app has brought in more and more advertisements. Instagram had about 1 million advertisers in March and it is increased double fold in past months. Presently Instagram boasts of about 2 million advertisers. It has, with time, proved itself as the top social platform for engagement. Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has grown steadily to become the second most popular social network after Facebook.

People are more attracted towards colors and pictures as compared to letters and numbers making Instagram a popular platform for engagement. In contrary to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the beauty of Instagram lie in its simplicity. It is easy to use on the go. Also, you can infinitely scroll for new content. All these features and more accounts for the popularity of the app.

With such huge engagement, Instagram has opened the market for similar photo sharing apps. Photos are the easiest, tried and tested ways to influence a wide audience. Majority of its users are under the age of 30 and with such love for photo sharing apps as Instagram, the market for photo sharing apps is expected to grow.

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