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What does it cost and how much time does it take to develop a popular mobile app clone?

By Sandip Modi on January 11, 2018 What does it cost and how much time does it take to develop a popular mobile app clone?

We just cannot do with Popular social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. According to a study, an average number of mobile devices were found having these four apps along with Google maps, shopping apps like Amazon, and Uber app. There are around 3.3 million apps on Google play store and 2.2 million apps on app store, but in this sea of millions of apps, these are the ones that have managed to stand out. Not only that, these apps are immensely popular among the masses and we literally cannot imagine our lives without these.

From the moment we wake up and send texts over Whatsapp to the time we click a picture of our lunch and post it on Instagram, to the last ride we book for the day on Uber to go home, our lives are heavily dependent on this apps. It is natural for businesses to think of mobile app clone of the already popular apps. The idea is to provide the same functionality and features but with a renewed approach that the users might find refreshing.

Now talking about developing a clone app, one can hire a top-notch development company like Inheritx, get some freelancers hired, or outsource the project. Outsourcing is a good option when the apps have an easy to medium functionality like Whatsapp. But for apps like Facebook and Instagram, with difficult functionalities, it is advisable to hire a well-established company.

How much time does it take to build a mobile app clone?

An app clone requires both time and patience. Check out how much time does popular clone apps require.

Facebook clone app: Facebook is a very popular social networking apps allowing users to share pictures and videos, add friends and family, post status and send messages. It has a very complex functionality and takes approx 5-6 months to get delivered.

Uber: Uber is a cab hiring service where you can hire cabs for traveling within your cities or cities nearby (Uber Outstation). An app like Uber takes a considerable amount of time to get delivered. Say, for example, 4-5 months. It is because the app has to be made with three different features namely passenger app, driver app, and backend. The passenger app, as the name suggests, gives passengers the facility to sign up, book a cab, choose from a range of can services, select pick up and drop off location and contact the driver. The driver app lets driver select his visibility area and accept or reject rides based on his availability. The Backend app involves things like user and driver trip statistics and reports. To build an app for all three requires time as mentioned above.

Instagram: It is a hugely popular social networking platform that allows users to share pictures, and videos and chooses from a range of filters to apply to enhance their pictures.

It has gained immense popularity over the years and an Instagram clone can help you earn millions if it becomes popular among the masses. An Instagram clone takes around 3-4 months to get delivered.

Whatsapp: Whatsapp is a messaging service that allows users to send and receive texts, photos, videos and voice notes. The functionality is simple and the features are less so it takes around 3 months to get delivered.

Tinder: Tinder is a dating app and is extremely popular in the dating app category. A tinder clone requires around 3-4 months to get delivered.

How much cost does it cost to build mobile app clone?

The cost of an app largely depends on the company you choose and also upon the platform you decide to make your apps on.

An app like Facebook and Instagram can cost you anything around 60,000 TO 2,40,000 USD. If you want an Uber app clone, it will cost you around 65,000 to 2,50,000 USD and a tinder clone app can cost you around 40,000 to 1,50,000 USD.

The above-mentioned costs are only an estimate. The actual cost may vary depending on many factors. Interested in getting a popular mobile app clone?

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