Want to increase your customer base make your app work offline?

Want to Increase your customer base? Make your app work offline.

By Sandip Modi on 30 Oct, 2017

What will Facebook do if you are in the midst of posting a picture or status and your internet breaks down or disrupts your activity? It will resume your activity and automatically post it on your behalf as soon as it receives a stronger or better internet connection. We would not be happy if an app completely refuses to post it in case of no internet or Wi-Fi which is why we need offline apps.

Offline apps mean an app can survive the downtown and can be resumed from the same point from where we left it at when the connection got lost. There are several offline apps, some of the most popular being WhatsApp, Google Maps, Pocket, Google Drive, Google Translate, Offline Dictionaries, Trip Advisor, and AccuWeather. There are also several popular gaming apps that fall into the category of offline apps like Temple run, candy crush, Angry Birds and City Island. Users require being served when they do not have a perfect internet connection.

Offline apps are transforming the app world into a more reliable and secure environment. If you provide your users the same user experience regardless of the fact that the network is down, broken, slow, working or flickering, it is bound to be valued by your customer base.

Here are some of the key reasons to make an offline app.

  • Customer loyalty.
  • Your app will be preferred by users.
  • Enterprise app will gain traction for people who travel to far off places with little or no network.
  • Users stay connected to your app even when their phones are in flight mode.

Though your offline app cannot do everything an online app does, the experience will be fairly near to that.

To make an offline app, one needs to hire an expert offline app development company. Inheritx has the right team and the right experience to do it for you.

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