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What is your user’s take on Mobile App security and data Privacy.

By Sandip Modi on December 13, 2017 Mobile App security and data Privacy

The applications market is buzzing and users are getting more and more concerned about the security of their data. The security of data and data management is in fact one of the major roadblocks for people who build mobile technology and applications.

Whenever an app is installed, users are asked to fill out basic details such as email addresses, passwords and asked to allow access to data stored in a device on various native apps. All these personal data is collected with an assurance that it will remain confidential.

But here’s where users get concerned. What is it that the developers do to ensure their data stays confidential? Are there any legal rules and regulations protecting the data against theft or illegal access?

A project called PEW INTERNET AND AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT was attempted to understand how users manage their mobile personal information. Most users are concerned that their credit card gateways and telecom network providers are smuggling their information or at the least not safeguarding their personal info. Due to this half of the users uninstall the applications asking personal data. The PEW highlighted certain user-specific behavior by tracking activities of  Mobile App users. In a group comprising of 38% of adult population, it was found that

-54% of the users decided to install the application only after estimating the personal information they needed to share.

-30% of the users that had already installed the app, uninstalled them because they did not want to share the personal information it was demanding.

Most of the apps ask for personal data that includes location settings, phone gallery access, social media feed access and G-mail inbox access. All these things are making users weary of applications that tracks general life activities like location, and schedules.

Nearly one-third of the mobile users have encountered a situation where their phone has been lost, stolen or misplaced. These users have felt their privacy has been compromised. They worry about the private data on their device. Although the mobile users are now wisely managing their mobile data by having a backup copy of their content, removing the search and browsing history and disabling the phone app intermittently. Although the mobile users still think their privacy is getting invaded.

Now that you know what your users think about their privacy, it is time to get your privacy basics right.

You can build a host of secure safeguards and protocols to manifest your user’s trust in your apps and technology. Contact us to get further information about mobile app development security.

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