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How to make your app ideas work?

By Sandip Modi on December 15, 2017 How to make your app ideas work

We are full of ideas. An average human has about 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. But the number of thoughts we process and channelize are few. If you come to think of it on practical terms, You might have thought of a mind blowing app idea while grabbing your latte from a nearby coffee store, driving, showering or watching TV. And because it’s your idea, you think of it to be a smashing hit. You hire a team of mobile app developers, shell out a fortune, get your app made and tadaaa...!!! Your app goes live along with the dozen expectations you have of it. But instead to being a blockbuster, your app tanks.

Sad, isn’t it? Well you can save yourself this horror and of course a lot of money if you figure out what will make your app work and what won’t.

Is your app idea unique?

We think highly of any unique ideas that come to our minds and think they hold the potential to transform the world. Well, here is where we go wrong. There are about 5 million apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. There are high chances that your unique idea is not so unique. It has already been thought, processed and executed into a live app.

The key is to do a thorough research on the kind of apps built on a similar idea. If there is an app with the same idea, think of how you can make it better. If your idea is the sole unique idea, congratulations, half of your work has been done.

Check your app’s feasibility

Ask yourself a few questions. How would your idea look in the form of an app? Is it executable. If the answer is yes, then proceed. No matter how hard it may feel, but you will have to dump the idea of making an app from your idea if it doesn’t look feasible.

Market Research is a must

Know your target audience. Carry out a research on what’s trending and what’s not. What does the user require of your app. What are your audience’s needs and wants from your app? Focus on a particular group of people you are targeting and try to make an app to suit their needs. Skipping market research is a mistake you would not want to commit.

Hire an excellent App development team

A great idea requires an equally great force to reckon. If your app idea is great, an excellent execution will make it capable enough to revolutionize the market. Instead of cutting down on costs and hiring amateurs, it is feasible to hire a well established, trusted and reputable company like say for example, Inheritx, to make a masterpiece out of your idea. Your investment is likely to pay you millions later when the app is a hit.

Market it right

No one would like their app to be forgotten amidst millions of other apps and vanish into anonymity. It is for the same reason, market your app. Market it well so it reaches the right audience. Persuade people to download it with a couple of thoughtful marketing gimmicks. Invest a substantial amount of your budget for marketing your app. Carry out campaigns, advertise and make people aware until it becomes a household name.

Thrive on customer reviews

By now you would have realized that an app works only if your audience like it. Customer reviews help a lot in going a long way. Good reviews encourage other users to download your app and use it. Always ask for reviews online and ask suggestions about how to make your app better.

Now that you know how to make your app a smashing hit, go get working on your app idea and hire the best mobile development company you can. Want to know how we can help you make your app hit among people? Call us or drop us a mail.

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