How WordPress makes life easier?

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How WordPress makes life easier?

By Prakash Rao (Web) on July 05, 2017

Many of us are in a queue to make our website live. It can be anything like e-commerce store, company's website, a blogging website, personal website or something else. Many of us are not confident enough to create our own websites and make it up and running due to various reasons like lack of money, insufficient knowledge, improper guidelines and absence of a platform to create a website. Let us dig into it some more, there can be many cases and situations as explained below:

  • I don't have a website and I also don't know the exact cost which I should be charged for the development of my website.
  • I have a website which was developed 2 or 3 years ago and now it is not as per the design trends and also in the Google searches it is not showing up.
  • I have a website, but I don't know how to expand my business through the website, need to put in some new content and SEO tags every few days and this charge me a lot.

I am glad to let all of you know that with WordPress you can achieve all the points which are stopping you from staying trending and in profit.

In this article, we will cover all the required aspects of WordPress which will be helpful for making our website live and gain traffic. Let us start with the introduction first, WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP and it is absolutely free. Nowadays, WordPress is used to create an online blogging website, e-commerce store, social networking website and many other websites by which you can showcase your talent, products, services or anything.

Aside from being easy and smooth, WordPress also offers many other advantages which can surely set your mind to go live today. The customization required on the website or content addition or alteration task can be done by anyone of us, as it doesn't require any technical knowledge. The matter of the fact is WordPress is low-cost tool providing its users a great advantage to publish their thoughts. Moreover, you don't have to chase the developers whenever you require some alterations on the website.

Advantages which makes WordPress a perfect CMS

Be Trendy As a website owner, I personally feel that I am not ever satisfied with a single design for a longer period of time. I want to keep my website updated in terms of design every 6 or 8 months.

WordPress provides you with 1000's of themes from which you can choose one which best matches your requirements and keep your website trendy in terms of design WordPress themes which are mostly used nowadays:

  • One page themes
  • Woo-Commerce themes
  • Real estate themes
  • Informative multipage website
  • Portfolio themes

Easy to expand the business Everyone wants their website to reach be top in Google rankings and increase the visitors on their websites daily. Obviously, I will not be satisfied when my website is visited only by a bunch of users frequently. It will not increase the traffic of my website, thus no profit gain.

WordPress has a very large database of plug-ins which you can make your website more attractive and worth visiting and that too by performing some simple steps. Major plug-ins which are very beneficial for almost every Website:

  • Contact Forms to gather the data from front-end users.
  • SEO plug-ins to helping you to rank higher in Google searches
  • ACF plug-ins to make your back-end more user friendly
  • Multilingual plug-ins help you to expand your business to different regions
  • Banner slider plug-ins, making the website more attractive and highlights the focused content
  • Mass email sending plug-ins to broadcast the news and information
  • Payment gateways to sell products online
  • Security related plug-ins to stay secure

Be an actual Administrator WordPress users are having a privilege that they can manage the content of the entire website by themselves anytime they want, can add new blogs and contents and can also set attractive images and picture to make their website eye-catchy.

WordPress administrators have the following access to manage their website:

  • Manage the pages
  • Manage the blogs
  • Activate or deactivate the plugins when required
  • Publish the posts / blogs at a certain date and time in near future
  • Manage all the registered users
  • Keep an eye on all comments received from front-end users and approve or disapprove based on the requirements Modify the theme as per the trend

In short a complete back-end panel which allows you to manage your website entirely. In terms of easiness, if you can create a Word Document, then you will not face any problem in creating your own blogs in WordPress. You don't have to rely on WordPress developers for small changes required on your website.

Google likes WordPress Yes, you read it correctly, WordPress has been recommended by Google as most structured and proper CMS to be used as compared to other platforms. WordPress manages their page structures, URLs and directories in a very standard fashion which help the website to grow up quickly in Google page rankings.

Moreover, many plug-ins like SEO Yoast helps in making your website to be on top in searches, by allowing you to choose your focused keywords and targeted audiences.

You are always loved and supported If you got stuck somewhere and you are not aware of the required steps to be taken to come out of the situation, then you can always find a suitable solution in WordPress community.

A recent study states that 8% of all the existing websites are made in WordPress nowadays and there are approx millions of blogs in which developers or bloggers have shown simple steps to create a plugin or integrating a plugin or installing a theme or tackling some specific situations.

In all terms, WordPress team is making our life easier by handling all the technical kinds of stuff and providing us a super easy interface for running the entire website. Note that, above explained things are only an overview of how WordPress can be a business pacer. To explore WordPress into deep visit the WordPress official website and start creating your first website. Click here to Start blogging today. If you liked the article then do share it and spread this as much as possible.

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