How to make users visit your app regularly

How to make users visit your app regularly.

By Sandip Modi on 07 Nov, 2017

Every week hundreds of apps are released on the app store and play store. But what is that one thing which makes an app work while the others are forgotten? Only a few apps get recognized and taste success while others just vanish into anonymity. So what to do that entices the user to visit your app regularly? These 5 simple steps will do the trick. Read on to find out

Design it right

A dynamic design appeals to your ocular senses. So if you want users coming back to your app, focus on the design. Users are most likely to check the design of the app first. If it doesn’t appeal them, they might not come to it again.

Create a unique striking feature

What is that one thing that Instagram had and no other app at that time had? It is the uniqueness of a photo sharing platform. Similarly, apps like Facebook and Snapchat were unique and first of its kind. If you want users to visit your app frequently give them something new and unique. Because people are sort of bored with the on-going apps and they always welcome something new and exciting in the app world with open minds.

Make it personal and interactive.

Give your app a personal touch by making it interactive. This includes customizing emails, promotional offers and alerts as per users settings and interests in a way making them believe that you actually care about their requirements. This can go a long way in making your app popular.

Keep it subtle

Complex apps with a tricky interface don't please your users. Make your apps simple and feature rich. Simple apps generate considerable user engagement. No one likes to use fiddly apps that take up a lot of time and mindfulness to operate.

Keep upgrading your app to make it interesting

You need to keep upgrading your app time and again to keep the user engagement alive. People often get bored with a monotonous routine and needs freshness in everything they do, be it apps. Also, your apps will have certain bugs that you need to fix for a richer user experience.

Apart from all these, you also need to take customer feedback frequently in the form of reviews and ratings.

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