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What is your user’s take on Mobile App security and data Privacy.

By Sandip Modi on December 13, 2017 The applications market is buzzing and users are getting more and more concerned about the security of their data. The security of data and data management is in fact one of the major roadblocks for people who b...

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How to convey your ideas to your Mobile App Development Team?

By Sandip Modi on December 06, 2017 Now that you have an app idea, half of your work is done. But the other half of explaining your requirements to your Mobile App Development Team is just as important as having the idea itself. The whole idea is...

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The what and why of App Store Optimization (ASO) and its importance.

By Sandip Modi on November 29, 2017 Out of dozens of options of apps offering the same functionality, we choose the one that appears on the top. Or at max take pains to check the top three but usually zero out only on the first app. With million...

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Why do you need home automation mobile apps?

By Sandip Modi on July 05, 2017 How lazy do we feel when someone asks us to put off the lights that we accidentally left on, isn’t it? Or worse who would like to enter a heated room after getting home from scorching heat? And of course not to ...

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