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8 Must have skills in an Android App Developer

By Sandip Modi on December 15, 2017 Android is world’s second most dominant platform for mobile apps with over 1.4 billion active devices worldwide that works on Android. It has also taken over our daily lives with over 3.3 million apps currentl...

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How to make your app ideas work?

By Sandip Modi on December 15, 2017 We are full of ideas. An average human has about 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. But the number of thoughts we process and channelize are few. If you come to think of it on practical terms, You might have th...

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What is your user’s take on Mobile App security and data Privacy.

By Sandip Modi on December 13, 2017 The applications market is buzzing and users are getting more and more concerned about the security of their data. The security of data and data management is in fact one of the major roadblocks for people who b...

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How to convey your ideas to your Mobile App Development Team?

By Sandip Modi on December 06, 2017 Now that you have an app idea, half of your work is done. But the other half of explaining your requirements to your Mobile App Development Team is just as important as having the idea itself. The whole idea is...

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