App Store Optimization (ASO) importance

The what and why of App Store Optimization (ASO) and its importance.

By Sandip Modi on November 29, 2017 App Store Optimization

Out of dozens of options of apps offering the same functionality, we choose the one that appears on the top. Or at max take pains to check the top three but usually zero out only on the first app. With millions of apps on app store, how do you ensure that your app gets featured in top category results? Or get the maximum number of downloads? Relying on chance to get your app featured is a major mistake most people do. Even if it gets featured on the top, chances are that it won’t get the expected number of downloads.

App Store Optimization is the process of getting your app at the top of app store search results. There are certain techniques that are employed in ASO and can aid in increasing the popularity of your app.

Keyword in title and description.

According to a research using keyword in title can increase the rankings of your app by 10.3%. while using a popular keyword helps, there are certain things one needs to keep in mind like

  • Using a keyword that has high volume of searches
  • Keywords having a low level of competition.
  • Keywords having high relevancy with your app.

App Description.

Describe your App well by writing a bullet list of your app’s biggest and most interesting features. Add useful screenshots that justifies your description and makes your app look attractive. The bullets should clearly state

  • The purpose of your app
  • The problem it solves
  • Features by which it is likely to come helpful to the user
  • Things it has which makes user’s life easier.

Focus on your App’s icon

Icon design plays a significant role in getting users interested in your app. Make your icon design unique, catchy and engaging. It should be such that it grabs the user’s attention quickly.

Understand the importance of good reviews.

The more good reviews and ratings your app gets, the higher it is likely to come at the top. Keep monitoring your ASO at regular time intervals to keep it optimized.

Number of Downloads

More the number of downloads more is your App’s tendency to rank higher. Getting more downloads for your App requires an extensive market research of your user and its needs.

Understand the requirements for your App store.

Apple’s App store gives you 255 characters for your title whereas the Google Play Store gives you a paltry 30 characters for your title. It is important to understand the requirement each app store has and work accordingly.

Think this is too much work? Leave the hassle upon Inheritx. We have excellent App Store Optimizers that will do everything it takes to get your app on top. Talk to us and know how we can improve the visibility of your app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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