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5 ways to building a ridiculously successful gaming application

By Sandip Modi on January 22, 2018 Gaming Application Development

With an insane number of mobile games on the app store and play store currently, your dream of creating a game that exceeds the popularity of Pokemon go, the clash of clans, candy crush and the likes of it might just stay a dream!! Unless you hire a top shot game development company that knows these 5 ways of building a successful gaming application.

1. Identify your niche

Simply getting a mobile game made just for the sake of it will do you no good. It is just going to add an ‘infinitesimal’ contribution to the already existing 600,000 drab games across the app stores! What kind of game do you want to create? Identify the niche you would want to build your mobile game in. Do you want a simple yet interesting game that can be played even by a 5-year-old? Or a game that has a never-ending or a high number of levels like Candy Crush? How about you want an app that goes viral within weeks or months of getting released? The fear of missing out makes a person follow what all the others are following, be it a game or a trend. It becomes popular in no time and more and more people get hooked on the game following the fear of missing out.

2. Focus on user experience

What makes clash of clans, temple run and Pokemon go extremely popular among gamers and non-gamers alike? It is the user experience, that counts and makes your game go viral. User experience is everything. Inexperienced game development app tends to screw up the user experience by too many advertisements, complicated functionalities, and other such things that fall in the menu of screwing up a mobile game. Hire a game developer which identifies the requirements of user efficiently and has a strong background in game design.

3. It is all about the numbers

The mobile game industry accounts for 42% of the total video games industry. Candy crush has been downloaded a mind-boggling 2.7 billion times making it one of the top ten grossing mobile games for four years in a row. Not to mention Angry birds that crossed 2 billion downloads since its release and a million others crushing over Pokemon go and Clash of clans. Once your game is popular, the word spreads and users go. The minimum threshold for any game to become popular is about one million downloads. A good game development company knows what makes your game interesting and ultimately viral.

4. Keep adding new variations

Once your mobile game goes viral, keep adding new features so the user doesn’t get bored. Practically speaking, Subway surfer is monotonous in a way that it is only about dodging barriers, jumping trains and collecting coins, something by which the user is bound to get bored. But it keeps adding new variations once in few weeks by changing locations like New Orleans, Amsterdam, Mumbai and much more.

5. Geography

While this is something that barely matters, ignoring it completely can make users ditch your game to never return again. Say for example while making apps for a country like America one must do a market research and be sure of not including much ads as Americans tend to get pissed off with numerous ads. If you choose to release the same game for a country like China, you can recklessly throw ads in between because Chinese people expect ads.

According to a survey people in the western countries like America prefer casual games like angry birds and candy crush whereas people in south-east Asia prefer social games like criminal case, Farmville and the likes of it.

It knows what a user wants from a game and works for the same. Hire mobile game developers from Inheritx and get the best of mobile games developed.

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