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5 common mistakes everyone makes in mobile application development

By Sandip Modi on January 4, 2018 5 common mistakes everyone makes in mobile application development

Mistakes are a part of life and mobile application development involves a lot of mistakes that developers make more often than not. Here is a list of common mistakes made by mobile application developers while programming or designing a mobile application. Take a look and understand the common mistakes so that you do not make it when developing a mobile application.

Going overboard and packing in too many features

Packing your app with features won’t do you any good. Rather than stuffing your mobile app with features you should use only those features that justify your app’s purpose. For example, if your app is a photo filter app, giving Google maps feature in your app is not feasible. It will only be justifiable if you incorporate camera in your photo filter app.

Also, do not stuff all the features in the start itself. Make the user experience easy and simple by not doing so. You can later release some more features in the upcoming up-gradations to make the user think you are upgrading.

Releasing app in too many mobile platforms

Do not make the mistake of making your apps for all the mobile app platforms possible. A good mobile application development company makes the app only for a single platform first and analyzes user response to the app released. If it works in their favor, it is only then that they decide on developing it for other platforms. The design and development cost skyrockets if you decide to release your app for all the mobile platforms in one go. This is a common mistake that should be avoided. Chalking out realistic goals that are achievable is better than rushing into things. Take well-calculated decisions when it comes to releasing your app on an OS. Which operating system will get maximum users on your app? Carry out a market research. It is only after doing your homework then you can proceed with your plans.

Beta testing your own application

This is a grave mistake you cannot commit especially if you want valuable outside insights for your app. Beta testing your own application means you cannot get inputs from external testers. Valuable outside perspective provided by beta testers helps you catch issues with your app. It not only helps you in catching bugs but also gives you ideas about how you can make your apps user-friendly and more efficient. A good Mobile App Development company like Inheritx helps you in developing your application as well beta testing your app.

Not hiring experts

Your app is not just a hobby. It is something your entire business depends upon. Why risk it by getting it developed yourself or having it developed by freelancers? Your app needs a good team of developers and designers. It can be expensive at first but hiring a competent mobile application development company is a great investment.

They have the skills and knowledge required to develop a great app. After having developed several apps, they know what goes in developing a mobile application that suits your needs. Hire experts like Inheritx to get the best services in the industry. Our competent mobile application development team has developed over 600+ apps a majority of which have been successfully launched and running across various app stores.

Creating complicated UIs

Your app should be easy to use, understandable and simple. The features of your mobile app should be easily understood by the user. If you create complicated UIs, the user will get frustrated or bored and leave your app. Which is not something you should want to happen. Avoid creating complicated UIs.

If users cannot perform simple tasks and gets confused with too many features, no matter how good your app is, it won’t sell. People make the mistake of not optimizing user interaction with the device or app.

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